Hotels and the lack of free Wi-Fi

8 thoughts on “Hotels and the lack of free Wi-Fi”

  1. In my experience free hotel wifi is rubbish, I would hope that paid-for wifi would be better, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried it. If there is 3G coverage I find my phone works perfectly adequately as a modem. I am surprised that hotels get away with charging so much, I can only think that most users stick it on expenses.

  2. Hi Jamie,
    I find I end up using my phone most of the time too. Its not great when you have actual work to do though and need a laptop/desktop…. My experience with the Hotels connections has usually been poor, but I have heard that newer systems (Holiday Inn – especially) are working well! If these budget chains can offer this why not the Premium chains???

  3. A very stimulating, balanced piece. I must say, if offered one hotel which charges for internet service compared to another which offers it free, then I’m obviously going to select the latter.

    1. BTW. Love your blog intoxicating prose – what work have you done for Enrica Rocca? I was supposed to do a shoot for her upcoming food range…..

  4. Thanks Douglas,
    That is the sentiment that these premium hotels are going to have to start dealing with I believe…..

    1. The problem is that in my experience the paid for service is often very poor. I think that Freemium is the way to go forward.

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