5 Top Tips when Cooking for a Vegan Friend by Award-Winning Restaurateur Louise Palmer-Masterton

I founded my restaurant Stem + Glory back in 2016 out of my passion to create clean, healthy and delicious plant-based food and I haven’t looked back. It has taken me over 35 years of experimenting with plant-based foods and I am so proud to be a part of the vegan movement. I want to … Continue reading 5 Top Tips when Cooking for a Vegan Friend by Award-Winning Restaurateur Louise Palmer-Masterton

We are 20!

Last month we marked our 20th Anniversary at Mise en Place Recruitment. We’re very proud to have placed hundreds of highly talented candidates across many continents in the last 20 years. Still going strong and continually increasing our reach we’re thrilled to have some fantastic opportunities over on our website including some great international roles.  Click through to our website to see more opportunities both in London, … Continue reading We are 20!

Food trends 2017

Each year we’re told the prediction of what food trends the year will entail. Do you agree with these six trends? 1. Tradition Consumers want foods they can trust and are looking for safety in products. Due to the rapid pace of change and the unpredictability of current events consumers are more likely to buy … Continue reading Food trends 2017

Second Veggie Pret

Following the success of the first completely Veggie Pret in Soho last year, the sandwich and salad chain have just announced that they are opening another one in Shoreditch. It will open on April 4th and will be launching some new dishes including a vegan brownie and vegan macaroni cheese. Shoreditch was chosen due to … Continue reading Second Veggie Pret

Earth Hour

This March the Food Made Good programme that’s run by the Sustainable Restaurant Association are championing the idea that a good restaurant is one that cares about where it gets it’s natural resources from. ‘UK restaurants are responsible for higher carbon emissions than the whole of Costa Rica – 8 million tonnes according to a … Continue reading Earth Hour

Kerb's 4th Birthday

Street food has been gaining popularity year on year with the likes of renowned chefs now taking to vans to provide hungry Londoners with top-notch food. Heading up the movement was KERB founder Petra Barran who created this foodie community in 2012. Petra started out in the mobile food game herself, with Britain’s only dedicated … Continue reading Kerb's 4th Birthday

The YBFs

The Young British Foodie Awards are all about shining a light on new British talent in the food and drink world. Now in it’s 5th year the awards celebrate creativity and innovation at grass roots level. Set up by three friends, Amy Thorne of Taste PR, food journalist Chloe Scott-Moncrief and baker extraordinaire Lily Jones (Lily Vanilli), categories … Continue reading The YBFs

Berwick Street introduces ‘Meet The Makers’ of Berwick Street.

Berwick Street brings a cinematic 6-piece documentary series uncovering the most creative and individual characters in Soho today. Released over the next six months, Meet The Makers brings to light the previously unheard stories of creatives and curators who work behind the scenes in and around Berwick Street,London. Following these engaging and inspiring characters in their current … Continue reading Berwick Street introduces ‘Meet The Makers’ of Berwick Street.